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Our Mission

In response to Russia's attack on Ukraine, the Ukrainian Democracy LLC was formed with the sole purpose of supporting the defense of Ukraine and its people.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a carefully chosen step in a methodical plan to destabilize and eventually eliminate liberal democracy. If Russia can succeed in conquering Ukraine, not only will they become increasingly emboldened to invade more democratic nations, but other authoritarian regimes will likely join them in an axis of common power. We, the democratic nations of this world, have a small window of time to prevent the future destruction of democracy and its associated freedoms.

Ukrainian Democracy LLC's mission is to support financially, logistically, and by providing the necessary equipment to volunteers from around the world who desire to defend Ukraine but lack the resources to join the International Legion of Defense of Ukraine. Our organization's purpose is to help those requesting it from those freely offering it.

All initial expenses incurred within Ukrainian Democracy LLC will be funded by the private contributions of the founders. Your support is needed to help with the increasing demand from volunteers form around the world.

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